Leadership+Talent Development Summit 2018

January 18-19, 2018 • San Diego, California
Presented by Assessments 24x7 and SalesFuel "Leadership is not about managing tasks - it’s about developing people." Yet developing people can’t be a “one size fits all” approach. All levels of management must recognize the unique differences between each employee, how they perform best and how to motivate them. That’s what #LTDS2018 is all about. #LTDS2018 features world class presentations from hand-picked experts in leadership, management, sales, coaching, talent development and other topics vital to developing your most important resources – your people and your clients.
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  • 18 January
  • 19 January

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy International
Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals, executives and organizations. He is among the top speakers, trainers, coaches and seminar leaders in the world today.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the U.S., Canada and 82 other countries worldwide. As a popular keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

He has studied, researched, written and spoken for 35 years in the fields of economics, history, business, phi­losophy and psychology. He is the top selling author of 80 books that have been translated into 42 languages.

Brian has written and produced more than 1000 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into 28 languages.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of the world’s largest corporations. His entertaining seminars and workshops on Leadership, Strategy, Sales, Goals, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results. His “2-Day MBA” transforms business owners and companies.

Prior to founding his company, Brian Tracy International, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million development company. He has had successful careers in sales and marketing, investments, real estate develop­ment and syndication, importation, distribution and management consulting. He has conducted high level con­sulting assignments with several billion-dollar corporations in strategic planning and organizational development world-wide.

He has traveled and worked in 122 countries on six continents, and speaks four languages. Brian is happily mar­ried and has four children. He is active in community and national affairs, and is the President of three companies headquartered in San Diego, California.

Brian is the president of Brian Tracy International, an internet based company that helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales and profitability by implementing the best practices of top businesses worldwide.

To learn more about Brian Tracy, please visit his website at www.briantracy.com.

19 January

Jeffrey Gitomer

King of Sales
Buy Gitomer
Gitomer Defined (git-o-mer) n. 1. a creative, on-the-edge, writer and speaker whose expertise on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development is world renowned. 2. known for presentations, seminars and keynote addresses that are funny, insightful, and in your face. 3. real world. 4. off the wall. 5. on the money. 6. gives audiences information they can take out in the street one minute after the seminar is over and turn it into money. He is the ruling King of Sales. See also: salesman.
Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of thirteen best-selling books including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling. His best-selling 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling and all of Jeffrey’s sales and personal development training programs including a sales skills assessment and 30-hour sales certification program are available by subscription at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com. For information about keynote speaking, customized training and seminars visit www.gitomer.com.

18 January

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith is President and CEO of SalesFuel, which leverages data on prospects and employees to help sales teams close more deals, develop talent and increase revenue. More than 1,500 sales teams nationwide use the company’s products to take the guesswork out of sales and management, harnessing the Power to Sell Smarter® and Manage Smarter™ to boost sales and improve the bottom line.

Lee’s concentration is sales management, talent development and sales enablement. He is one of the country’s foremost experts on advertising, consumer behaviors, sales teams and performance, as well as small business marketing and audience segmentation.

Lee’s core products and creations include the newly launched TeamKeeper®, a data-driven talent retention™ tool and revolution new platform for high performing sales teams. Lee is also the creator of AdMall®, the nation's leading provider of consultative sales intelligence for local advertising and digital media sales – used by more than 2,000 media properties across America.

You can enjoy Lee’s thought leadership on Media Sales Today, an e-zine he founded that now has with more than 7,500 unique readers. Lee has an Executive Leadership Certificate from Cornell University and is a Gitomer Digital Certified Advisor, one of just 10 professionals worldwide licensed to train and consult using the works of Jeffrey Gitomer. He is a speaker and panelist at industry trade shows and events. Lee is also a graduate of Ohio University.

When not planning SalesFuel’s next breakthrough tool for his clients, you can find Smith with his competitive bicycle riding team, The Honey Badgers.


18 January

18 January

19 January

19 January

Deb Calvert

People First Productivity Solutions
Deb Calvert has been named by Treeline as one of “The 65 Most Influential Women in Business” and consistently appears on lists of Top Sales Influencers and Thought Leaders. She is UC-Berkeley Instructor, field researcher, trainer, instructional designer, speaker, and author, and has worked as a leadership program architect, sales productivity specialist and researcher since 2000.

Deb’s newest book is Stop Selling & Start Leading, co-authored with leadership gurus Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Her bestseller, DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected, has been named one of “The 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time” by HubSpot. Deb is the founder of The Sales Experts Channel and of the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading®.

Prior to founding PFPS in 2006, Deb was a corporate training director for a Fortune 500 Media Company. Deb’s early career included a variety of inside, outside and major account sales and sales management positions.

As President and Founder of People First Productivity Solutions, Deb helps companies to boost productivity through people development. This work includes Sales Training, Team Effectiveness Consulting, and Leadership Program Design.

Deb is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge® and a Certified Executive Coach. Additionally, Deb is a Certified Practitioner with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and other assessment tools. Her unique mix of senior-level Sales, Human Resources, and Operations experience gives her valuable insight and the ability to understand the challenges faced by companies and senior leaders.


18 January

Steve Sisler

Behavioral Profiler
Behavioral Resource Group
For more than thirty years, Steven Sisler has been an innovator in the areas of people types, personality consultation, family/relationship dynamics and emotional intelligence.

As a behavioral mastermind and personality expert certified in both behavior and values analysis, Steve is a frequent guest on world-class podcasts such as The Art of Charm, Setori Prime, The Unmistakable Creative, The Competitive Edge, and Ben Greenfield. Totaling over 2 million downloads; Steve is making a difference around the world.
Steve has consulted on “personality difference” with over one hundred .com companies in 18 countries including The US Military, Beechnut Nutritional Corp, Signature Brands, Mastermindtalks, and Book-in-a-box.com, to just name a few.

Steven has lectured at the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program at M.I.T. for the last 6 years and has spoken over 4,000 times in his career including speaking in Athens Greece, 5 Australian Cities, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and has shared the stage with world class entrepreneurs such as David Asbrey—founder of Bullet Proof Coffee, Cameron Herald—former COO of 1-800-gotjunk, Guy Kawasaki—Apple’s former Chief Evangelist, Kimbal Musk—board member Tesla Motors, and Steve Sims of BlueFish.

Steve is currently working with his partner, Zeke Lopez on a multi-year project creating improved behavioral and motivational assessment tools based upon the Aristos Personality model, which will integrate both behavioral, axiological, and motivational factors into one cohesive framework. Today’s talk will give you a brief overview of how understanding our workplace motivators and brain types will ensure a thriving consulting career, a voice to the masses, and a lucrative income.

Steve has authored 7 books including: “The Four People Types and what drive’s them,” “There’s More To Management Than A Big Desk," and a 30 year Theological work entitled, “The Freedom of Being; forsake the opinions of others and release your authentic self,” where Steve dismantles old theological ideas and reshapes them for modern living. His latest work entitled, “The Angry Brain, understanding the dominant personality,” will hit Amazon late this year.

Steve has 3 children and lives in Dallas with his wife of 33 years.


18 January

Jennifer Voitlein

Director of Instructional Design & Certification
Assessments 24x7
Jennifer Voitlein is Assessments 24x7’s in-house Director of Certification, Coach/Mentor, professional Values Analyst, and instructional designer for client customization and resource development. She specializes in helping clients, coaches and facilitators understand unique assessment results, and assists individuals and groups in personal and professional development.

Through educating others in improving communication, understanding critical thinking, embracing learning styles, evaluating emotional intelligence, and aligning behavior and values, Jennifer seeks to infuse others with a passion for learning and growing, encourage self-awareness, and impart simple, practical and applicable knowledge to help grow relationships and increase personal and professional effectiveness.

Her career path has included individual and organizational development, secondary and adult education, customer service, corporate finance, and investor relations.

She holds a Washington State Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Composition & Rhetoric, a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training, a Master of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management.

She is also certified in a variety of training courses and development workshops with many well-known vendors. She’s traveled all over the world sharing her passion and expertise, and training and certifying others to make a difference. Jennifer has delivered intimate and large-scale, public and private presentations since 2001 to corporate, educational, and professional development audiences on topics such as leadership development, self-awareness and personal growth, relationships between men and women, building effective communication, and quality training programs.

Jen is an avid painter, a professional singer, a blessed wife, and an active mom to three boys.

18 January

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO
Gerhard Gschwandtner is the founder and CEO of Selling Power, a media company that produces the award-winning Selling Power magazine and Selling Power TV, a daily video interview series on sales success.

He developed and hosts the Sales 3.0 Conference, which helps sales leaders integrate sales technologies into their sales organizations to create improved sales effectiveness and greater customer value. He is the creator of the science-based Peak Performance Mindset workshop that has been delivered by a team of 50 certified instructors to over 5,000 sales professionals.

Over the course of three decades, he has interviewed some of the most successful leaders and experts in sales, business, sports, entertainment, and politics, including Mary Kay Ash, Marc Benioff, Michael Dell, George Foreman, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, Jay Leno, Meg Whitman, and many more. Gerhard has studied the lives of hundreds of peak performers and worked with world-leading coaches and psychologists to create the unique, new Peak Performance Mindset training program.

He is the author of 17 books on the subject of sales, management, and motivation and received the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. 2010 Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award..

19 January

Tony Alessandra

Founder/Chief Visionary Officer
Assessments 24x7
Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies turn prospects into promoters. He is two speakers in one... a professor and a performer, or as one client put it – he delivers college-level lectures in a comedy store format. Tony offers audiences the opportunity to enjoy themselves while learning practical, immediately applicable skills that positively affect their relationships with prospects, customers and co-workers.

His focus is on how to create instant rapport with prospects, employees & vendors; how to convert prospects and customers into business apostles who will “preach the gospel” about your company and products; and how to out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition.

Dr. Alessandra has a street-wise, college-smart perspective on business, having been raised in the housing projects of NYC to eventually realizing success as a graduate professor of marketing, Internet entrepreneur, business author, and hall-of-fame keynote speaker. He earned a BBA from Notre Dame, an MBA from the Univ. of Connecticut and his PhD in marketing in 1976 from Georgia State University.

Tony is the founder of Assessments 24x7 LLC, a company that offers a variety of online assessments, including the widely used DISC profile, the Hartman HVP, Motivators (Values/PIAV) assessment, and several 360º effectiveness assessments.

He is also a prolific author with 30 books translated into over 50 foreign language editions, including the newly revised, best-selling The NEW Art of Managing People; Charisma; The Platinum Rule; Collaborative Selling; and Communicating at Work.
He is featured in over 100 audio/video programs and films, including DISC Relationship Strategies; The Dynamics of Effective Listening; and Gaining the EDGE in Competitive Selling. He is also the originator of the internationally recognized behavioral style assessment tool - The Platinum Rule®.

Dr. Alessandra was inducted into the NSA Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985. In 2009, he was inducted as one of the “Legends of the Speaking Profession;” in 2010-2014, he was selected 5 times as one of the Speakers.com Top 5 Sales/ Marketing/ Customer Service Speakers by Speaking.com; in 2010, Tony was elected into the inaugural class of the Top Sales World Sales Hall of Fame; in 2012, he was voted one of the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers; and also in 2012, Dr. Tony was voted the #1 World’s Top Communication Guru.

Recognized by Meetings & Conventions Magazine as "one of America's most electrifying speakers," Tony's polished style, powerful message, and proven ability as a consummate business strategist consistently earn rave reviews and loyal clients.

18 January

18 January

19 January

19 January

19 January

Ford Saeks

Prime Concepts Group Inc.
Ford Saeks has redefined the formula for business success. His efforts have helped companies generate a total of over a billion dollars in sales worldwide.

From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, Saeks is widely recognized as a Business Growth Innovator. With over 20 years’ experience (ranging from retail to wholesale), he has founded over ten companies, authored four books, awarded three U.S. patents, and received numerous industry awards.

Tenacity and innovation are what fuels this revenue-generating powerhouse. From grassroots to Google, Ford provides his clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to resolve marketing, operations, and growth challenges. As President and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., an integrated marketing services firm, Ford specializes in helping businesses attract loyal and repeat customers, monetize social media, and ignite creativity. Learn More about Ford Saeks at www.PrimeConcepts.com

19 January

Merrick Rosenberg

Take Flight Learning
Merrick Rosenberg is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and thought leader on personality styles. He co-founded Team Builders Plus in 1991 and Take Flight Learning in 2012. Merrick is the author The Chameleon and co-author of Taking Flight!.

As CEO of Take Flight Learning, he has led his organization to be selected by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work in the Philadelphia region. Under his leadership, Team Builders Plus was selected as the New Jersey Business of the Year by NJ Biz magazine.

Merrick specializes in team building, leadership development, and utilizing the DISC personality styles to build better relationships and create engaging work environments. He received his MBA specializing in Organizational Development from Drexel University who selected him as the Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year.

In addition to speaking at conferences and events for individual organizations, Merrick has spoken to associations, such as: Association for Talent Development, Society for Human Resource Management, Project Management Institute, International Society for Performance Improvement, Employer's Council, American Society for Quality, Vistage International, President's Club, Pharma Forum, and Young Associates.

Many publications regularly seek Merrick’s input, as he has been interviewed by: Fast Company, Fortune, Huffington Post, Forbes, Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, InformationWeek and Parents magazine. Merrick is a sought-after guest on radio and television shows and his articles have been featured in PopSugar, Tech.co, Training magazine, T&D, Business News Daily, Young Upstarts, JollyBoss, HR.com, Sales & Marketing Management, MyCustomer and American Management Association Playbook.

He has worked with people at all levels, from line staff to senior managers at more than half of the Fortune 100 companies in the US and around the world. He has worked with small and large organizations in a variety of industries: AAA, Adidas, Alstom Power, Aramark, Bank of America, Blue, Cross Blue Shield, Campbell Soup Company, Chase, Colgate Palmolive Comcast, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett-Packard, InterContinental Hotels Group, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa, Nabisco, National Institute of Health, NBCUniversal, Nestle Purina, Novartis, PECO Energy, Pepsi, Philadelphia Eagles, Reliance Standard Life, Roche, Samaritan Hospice, Temple University, UnitedHealthcare, and Verizon. Merrick has also worked with government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Interpol, Social Security Administration, US Forest Service, as well as the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

18 January

Audrey Strong

Director of Communications
Audrey Strong is Director of Communications for SalesFuel, with more than 20 years combined experience as both a public relations professional and major market television news journalist. Her award-winning hybrid background affords her a unique view of both sides of the public relations "fence" and a Rolodex chock full of media relationships. Her specialties also include rigorous media training, crisis communications, issues management, messaging, press kit creation as well as audio/video production. Prior to joining the SalesFuel team full-time, Audrey has run a nearly decade-old, successful public relations firm based in Denver. Her television news career includes time working at FOX Chicago, FOX Denver, CBS Chicago and a stint at the NBC affiliate in Honolulu.

Audrey views public relations as key "make or break" component and prong of marketing and regularly explains to stakeholders how it's a valuable tool and should be given a stronger place at the table within complex organizations. She has spoken on panels and mediated sessions at Denver's Public Relations Society of America as well as served as a Denver Board member of The Society of Professional Journalists. She graduated cum laude from Ohio University and when she isn't working, can be found on the golf course or in her vegetable garden.

19 January

Terri McCormick

Senior Learning and Development Faciliator
Appian Corporation
In a decade plus as a US Naval Officer, LCDR McCormick received excellent leadership training and cultivated solid people management skills. In the next decade plus, Terri gained expertise in technology consulting at Etak, A Digital Mapping Pioneer, now called TeleAtlas, and IBM. Six years ago, Terri started her journey at Appian: The Digital Transformation Platform, first as a technical product trainer, and for the past three years, in the newly formed Talent Development group where she manages and delivers employee professional development including Frontline Leadership, Interviewer Skills, New Hire Orientation, and Effective Communications Using DISC.

18 January

Doug Sandler

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast
Doug Sandler has over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, manager and staff member. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.

He specializes in making connections, building relationships and strengthening bonds both inside and outside organizations. Don’t let the “Mr. Nice Guy” tag fool you, Doug has entered into many high level negotiations and is anything but a pushover.

His speaking and consulting business is geared towards improving relationships and winning business through his time tested sales, service and relationship building system.

Doug is a nationally recognized speaker, and writer for Huffington Post. His weekly posts reach over hundreds of thousands of readers. Doug has been titled by a leading social media marketing company in the top 100 of Social Media Thought Influencers to follow.

19 January

Jo Spurrier

Chief Solutions Officer
Founder of Berkana and creator of the Performance Gap Indicator, Jo is an international management consultant and thought leader on business performance. She has over 20 years experience guiding clients to close performance gaps and create sustainable results that matter.

After years with the The Disney Co. and General Electric, Jo developed a passion for what it takes to create and maintain a world-class organization. Known as a ‘fanatical collaborator,’ Her enthusiasm, spirit, and caring fosters the learning and discovery necessary to develop the insight and skills that create lasting change. Jo has consulted and led leadership courses in over 20 countries and 6 continents with one unwavering focus—drive bottom-line results.

Under Jo’s guidance, Team Berkana has consulted in a wide variety of industries. Client partners include: SAP, Homeland Security, Nike, Concur, General Electric, ARIBA, The Disney Co., INC Magazine, Saudi Arabia Royal Air Force, Hotel Nikko, The Home Depot, Thompson Medical Centers – Singapore, Cleveland Mapplyinuseum of Art, National Malaysian Conferences.

Organizations partner with Jo and her team for many reasons: resources, budget, and deadlines. But they all come back for the same reason...they value Berkana’s ability to connect quickly, the spirit of collaboration, and the measurable impact on their bottom-line.

18 January

Will Pemble

Founder/Former CEO
Internet pioneer Will Pemble built and sold Web.com, one of the largest web hosts on earth. A serial entrepreneur, he has been building and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than 25 years. In addition to Web.com, Will built and sold a national technical certification company, and one of the first Internet Service Providers in San Francisco.

Will's dynamic style, broad experience, and genuine enthusiasm for business bring out the very best in the leaders and teams he serves. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Will's feedback score consistently rank in the 94th percentile, setting him apart from industry colleagues and peers alike.

Will coaches his clients on leadership, team dynamics, strategic planning, scaling up, web strategy, product management, marketing, software development, and business operations.

19 January

Ulrik Lork

L3 Leadership
Ulrik is a specialist in coaching, communication and leadership training.

He has more than 30 years of professional experience in a variety of businesses and governmental organizations.

The major driving force is the passion to grow and achieve results through and together with others. He loves challenges and want to see the results of the work. The big challenge is to unlock the potential in others and seeing them develop into motivated and responsible individuals. He believes passionately in personal leadership and how it can develop organizations.

Before he took the step into leadership roles he had seventeen years of experience from swedish and international operations, giving him a solid foundation and deep understanding of the leader's various challenges. Ulrik is a Swedish citizen but has worked in Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Norway and the United States. His broad and extensive experience of professional coaching for more than 15 years, is a strong asset in most contexts.

18 January

Dennis Koerner

Dennis W. Koerner PhD is the President and CEO of ITN,LLC. ITN is a leading provider of corporate training programs and statistical services including Workforce Analytics. The company uses assessment data, business metrics and advanced statistical methods to help companies recruit, hire and retain exceptional employees.

Previously, Dennis served as President and Vice President at RING Companies, a privately held company with 23 plant locations. He also held a key executive positions at ACH Food Companies, subsidiary of Associated British Foods, as well as Kraft Foods.

Dennis is also an adjunct faculty member of Herff College of Engineering at the University of Memphis.

He currently serves as a member of corporate and community boards including the Herff College of Engineering at the University of Memphis, Vanguard Soap, The Economics Club of Memphis & US Learning, Inc.

Dennis has expertise in Risk Analysis, Bayesian Networks, Process Stimulation, Design of Experiments, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Data Visualization.

Dennis is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a bachelor degree and Ph.D.

18 January

Brandon Parker

Assessments 24x7
Brandon Parker is the CEO of Assessments 24x7. He has pioneered numerous custom website projects from basic design and marketing to comprehensive data driven programs.

In 2000, Brandon partnered with Dr. Tony Alessandra to build, from the ground up, the software systems used today by our global assessment community. With his hands involved since day one, there is no one more familiar with the technical and user components of your assessment software.

Brandon is always available to discuss strategy, support your marketing efforts and debrief assessment related content. No matter your need, Brandon will help you achieve the goals and in many cases, possible surpass the goals.

Brandon earned his BA from Chapman University in Orange, California.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his daughter and family. When he is not working or with the family, he enjoys backpacking, fishing and hiking with his two dogs.

View my monthly CEO messages, click here.

18 January

18 January

19 January

19 January

Matthew Dickson

Assessments 24x7
In a time of marketing specialists, Matt has the unique ability to see the "big picture" and pull seemingly disparate aspects of an organization's marketing into a single cohesive brand strategy that elevates its identity and accelerates growth. He's equal parts creative and strategically pragmatic, with a strong vision for success in a 21st century business environment.

Hailing from San Francisco, Matt began his career as writer and contributing editor for more than a dozen publications including The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The LA Weekly, Surface Magazine, The Wire Magazine and The Village Voice.

After moving to San Diego in 2009, Matt accepted a multimedia account management position with The San Diego Reader (w/ Voice Media Group). For the next 5-1/2 years he developed and orchestrated dozens of regional and national advertising campaigns for organizations like Toyota, VA Clinical Research, AMC Theaters and Massage Envy. In October 2014 Matt left The San Diego Reader/Voice Media Group and joined Assessments 24x7 to spearhead their marketing as CMO.

Matt instantly set about launching an 18-month rebranding strategy for Assessments 24x7 that touched upon almost every facet of the business. In his first 13-months as CMO, Assessments 24x7’s monthly gross sales and new client acquisition rates more than doubled. Among many other things, Matt oversees sales & marketing objectives, brand conceptualization & management, marketing collateral creation, product redesign, copy-writing, social media management, advertising buys, website management and writing, email marketing, client consultations and new account procurement.

Matt and his wife live in San Diego, California. He received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) with honors in Journalism from San Francisco State University’s impacted 5-year program (2004). He was a recipient of the Young Journalists of America ladder program for graduate students at University of California, Berkeley (2005).

19 January

Mark Snow

Vice President of Program Development
Assessments 24x7
Mark Snow is the Vice President of Program Development for Assessments 24x7. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with hundreds of leading organizations on a variety of performance improvement initiatives specializing in the areas of leadership impact, strategic performance interventions, instructional design for classroom delivery, and defining success metrics to ensure alignment to business needs.

Mark is a Master Certified practitioner of the DISC assessment and has utilized his expertise to provide a deeper understanding of group dynamics and cultural impact with organizations across the globe. He is a sought after speaker and thought leader and speaks regularly for ATD, Training Magazine, IQPC , SHRM, and other performance-based associations and groups.

He has also served on the National Board of Directors of The Institute of Management Consultants, the sole certifying body for the designation of Certified Management Consultant (CMC). As a board member, he shares the responsibility of shaping the management consulting industry and expanding the reach of an organization focused on Ethics and Excellence in consulting.

19 January

Rich & Barbara Meiss

Lead Like Jesus
Rich and Barbara are co-owners of Meiss Education Institute, a training and consulting business based out of Minneapolis, MN. They conduct seminars on training skills, coaching and leadership skills, and behavior and personality effectiveness. Rich and Barbara bring an extensive background in the DISC model, having trained thousands of people to use DISC for better relationships and results. They also serve in a ministry role with Lead Like Jesus (LLJ), a non-profit leadership development organization that works with churches and ministries, where they certify individuals to utilize the Biblical DISC™ Assessment.

To learn more about Rich and Barbara, please visit www.LeadLikeJesus.com.

19 January

Rick Barrera

Rick Barrera and Associates, Inc.
Rick Barrera has been studying the future for over 25 years. He believes that in many ways the future is already here…we just haven’t realized it yet. He believes that we are on the cusp of changes that will make our reality almost unrecognizable, yet they will enable more and greater opportunities and possibilities than ever before. He believes that our future could be exponentially better for all of us.

Rick works with companies to re-imagine their futures, build high-performance teams and accelerate revenue growth. His client list includes Abbott Labs, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch and Verizon.

18 January

Jared Moore

VP, Strategy
Assessments 24x7
Jared joined the Assessments 24x7 team full time in 2017 after previously serving as a strategic advisor for the company for the past several years. He brings over 12 years of marketing experience and expertise to Assessments 24x7 as the VP of Strategy. His main focus is to expand marketing, sales, and strategic operations.

Prior to joining the Assessments 24x7 team, Jared spent five years helping grow Elevated, a prominent Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego. In his time at Elevated, the company experienced explosive three-year sales growth of 1,723% and landed a spot on the Inc. 500 list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies in 2015.

19 January

Assessments 24x7

Title Sponsor
The world's top coaches and Fortune 500s rely on our behavioral and cognitive assessments (DISC, Motivators, Hartman Value Profile, Emotional Intelligence, 360º, etc) to ensure the outcomes of their decisions concerning employee hiring/ selection/ evaluation, team-building, communication & conflict, leadership development, sales training and more.

Assessments accomplish these goals by measuring a variety of criteria: decision making and judgment, motivations, skill proficiencies, work styles, behavioral characteristics and personal values. You can think of assessments as 21st Century "MRI tests" for uniquely evaluating each individual's compatibility (and predicting their success) as the member of a professional team or within a specific occupational role.

Modern, online assessments reduce the risk and take the guess work out of the greatest business variable of them all-- "human capital."

Learn more at assessments24x7.com


Title Sponsor

SalesFuel® leverages critical insights that enable their clients to acquire, develop and retain their best employees and customers.

SalesFuel provides more than 2,000 sales teams nationwide with the power to Sell Smarter® and Manage Smarter™ through its unique portfolio of SaaS platforms, consulting and intelligence.

SalesFuel solutions include its new data-driven talent retention platform TeamKeeper®, its AdMall® product line for media sales and agency new business hunters and its AudienceSCAN® line of marketing research and customer purchase intent data. The company’s current core products also include the SalesFuel API and Gitomer Certified Sales Training.

As a leader in management, workplace culture, sales and technology, SalesFuel provides white papers and daily sales briefings at SalesFuel.com. For more information, visit http://www.salesfuel.com, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Vimeo.


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Rick Barrera: Sunrise Session- Our Exponential Future

06:30 AM 07:30 AM Rooms A & B

What if...
The problems that have plagued mankind for thousands of years were suddenly solved? The entire planet was suddenly thrust into long-term prosperity?
Your cost of living suddenly dropped?
What are the implications...
For you? For your company? Are you ready for a positive future unlike anything humanity has ever experienced? That future is imminent...
The only question is whether you are poised to take advantage of it?
Extraordinary News
In this fast-paced exciting talk, Rick Barrera will show you how 7 core technologies will dramatically change the business landscape and transform human existence over the next decade. Cheap energy, abundant clean water, low cost food, free computing, nanotechnology, dematerialization, and demonetization will come together to revolutionize how we think, live, feel and work...
Why should you believe in this revolution? Because the world’s best and brightest minds have come together through social entrepreneurship to build it. Dean Kamen, Elon Musk, Craig Ventner, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Joy, Larry Page, Daniel Kahneman, Jeff Skoll, Stewart Brand, Ratan Tata and many others are working together for the first time to design a brighter future for all of us. Working together, they are creating Our Exponential Future...
If your organization could use some good news and a powerful dose of optimism, this speech is just what the doctor ordered. Your team will leave excited about the future and stimulated to think about the infinite new opportunities that are ready to be harvested by forward thinking organizations who understand the untold cornucopia that is about to be spread before us.
Key Concepts
  • Why we need to let go of our fears and embrace infinite prosperity
  • Why solar power, safe 4th generation nuclear technology, and new drilling technologies will create unlimited clean, cheap energy for the planet
  • How aeroponics will provide locally grown, nutrient rich foods at a fraction of the cost of traditional agriculture
  • How a device called “The Slingshot” can deliver all the clean water we’ll ever need from virtually any source
  • How free computing is enabling billions of minds to reinvent a sustainable positive future for all of us
  • How nanotechnology will enable us to build whatever we need, wherever we need it
  • Why dematerialization and demonetization free everyone to create unlimited wealth and prosperity
  • Why we need to get ready for computers that will match or surpass human intelligence and how we can harness them to solve previously unsolvable problems
  • Why all of these changes will drive unprecedented global political and economic freedom o What we need to do to be emotionally ready for a very different future
  • How these changes will unleash a global entrepreneurial boom
  • Why we need to let go of our fears to accelerate our newfound prosperity now... by embracing our exponential future!




06:45 AM 08:00 AM Waterside Terrace

Welcome and Opening Remarks

08:00 AM 08:30 AM Rooms A & B

The leaders of Assessments 24x7 and SalesFuel share the WHY of the Leadership+Talent Development Summit


Business Development

Jeffrey Gitomer: Double Your Practice Using Two Simple Techniques

08:30 AM 10:00 AM Rooms A & B




10:00 AM 10:30 AM Rooms A & B Foyer

Networking and snacks
Leadership Development

C. Lee Smith: You Can’t Fix Your Culture without Fixing Management

10:30 AM 11:30 AM Rooms A & B

Nearly half of all sales executives in the U.S. have voluntarily left a company because of their direct managers. While changing a company’s culture starts at the top, it is an employee’s direct manager that has the most impact on carrying the directive all the way through the ranks. Yet many of today’s managers have had little management training. Of even more concern? They have even less development, emotional intelligence and insight into the psyche of their employees.

C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel and creator of the disruptive, groundbreaking TeamKeeper® management development platform, will reveal many of the ways managers damage culture instead of improving it. Their session will also share how to help managers course correct.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:
  • The benefits of improving company culture and why is it critical specifically with the millennial workforce
  • The importance of empathy, feedback and an employee-centric approach to management
  • How can managers quickly coach and develop their team members when there aren’t enough hours in the day
  • How culture can be measured and how can you manage to it
  • The impact of culture and retention on the bottom line
  • The most common characteristics of high-performing managers as ranked by their employees


Talent Development

Terri McCormick: IPO and DISC - Preparing Appian, a high growth technology company, for success in the future with Assessments 24x7

11:35 AM 12:05 PM Room C

Come along on our 18-year journey from start up to hot tech IPO of 2017. Hear about our formal leadership program and the role Dr Alessandra and the entire Assessment 24x7 team played when it came time to select a vendor for our first ever corporate wide training initiative.

In other words,
For the D’s: Get advice on what steps you can take for a successful companywide rollout.
For the I’s: Learn about who you should target for early classes in order to build momentum
For the S’s: Discover how traveling the world can lead to better participation and adoption
For the C’s: We’ve got analysis of our entire company which reinforces our decision-making process and why DISC is now a critical part of our new hire orientation.

We promise a funny, informative, relevant, detailed look at Talent Development in company full of talented people.


Talent Development

Jo Spurrier: Introducing the NEW PGI Team Assessment

11:35 AM 12:05 PM Rooms A & B

The Challenge- Why do your clients hire you? To drive performance and deliver results.

The Solution- Turn anonymous employee feedback into actionable performance data. Learn how to use The Performance Gap Indicator [PGI] to rapidly assess and benchmark a business’ performance gaps. Better data equals better decisions.

The Process- The PGI provides anonymous, authentic, and actionable data about the company’s leading Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators. Built on the lessons learned from decades of client projects, we streamlined the wide array of Non-Financial KPIs into 5 all-encompassing categories:

1. CULTURE - The written and unwritten set of values, beliefs, and behaviors which determine how your company’s employees interact with one another, with customers, and your vendors.

2. OPERATIONS - The process, systems, and procedures required to consistently conduct your business at the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

3. LEADERSHIP - The direction, clarity, and accountability which inspires and empowers others to reach the vision.

4. TRAINING - The process of providing leaders and teams the tools, time and guidance to master their responsibilities based upon your company’s stated performance standards.

5. SERVICE - The ability to consistently exceed customer expectations which generates increased repeat and referral business by providing exceptional service.

Most companies make the mistake of relying on lagging indicators - financial reports and past goal measurement to map out their future success. That’s crazy! They are only looking at half the picture! Can you imagine only looking at where you have been on a map in order to get to your destination?

The Result Approach your next client engagement with confidence enabling you to:
  • Digg deeper and faster into client issues
  • Provide pre-and post-measurement analytics
  • Create an additional revenue stream

Learn to leverage the power of leading indicators by using the Performance Gap Indicator. Regardless of industry or size of company, this assessment will soon be your favorite power tool.




12:05 PM 01:05 PM Waterside Terrace

Talent Development

Merrick Rosenberg: What if Everything You Know About DISC Training is Wrong?

01:10 PM 02:10 PM Rooms A & B

Even though the DISC profile is one the most commonly used assessment tools in the world, it regularly fails to produce a lasting impact. While people are endlessly fascinated by their results, awareness does not often translate into sustained behavioral change. Merrick Rosenberg, author of The Chameleon and CEO of Take Flight Learning, will reveal how to infuse the DISC styles into one’s daily interactions and the organization’s culture. By reframing the styles to shift from letters to visual symbols, attendees will learn how to place the styles into long-term memory rather than having them be just a fleeting fascination. Merrick will demonstrate that DISC is not about graphs and reports, but rather about application. Attendees will discover why DISC training often changes nothing, but could change everything.


Talent Development

Dennis Koerner: Benchmarking DISC+Motivators

02:15 PM 02:45 PM Room C

Methods for personnel selection have been extensively researched with the validity of numerous methods being quantified. The literature clearly demonstrates that the use of multiple assessment methods provides superior results for the prediction of job performance. Unfortunately, many employers are using antiquated and suboptimal selection methods. The challenge has been the complexity of linking large amounts of employee performance data to assessment attributes. This presentation demonstrates the power and use of artificial intelligence to analyze data and identify key factors that influence performance metrics. A summary of findings related to several industry applications will be presented.

Connect With Dennis:


Leadership Development

Deb Calvert: The One-Two Punch for a TKO Victory in Employee Engagement

02:15 PM 02:45 PM Rooms A & B




02:50 PM 03:20 PM Rooms A & B Foyer

Leadership Development

Steve Sisler: Motivation, the Brain, and Behavioral Modification

03:25 PM 04:55 PM Rooms A & B

The big idea: Motivation is central to our lives at work. Having a systematic approach to motivating your behavior is what matters—yours and others. this is a skill that can be learned.

Your IMO: Helps you understand some of the hidden forces of your motivators and help you to increase the positive effects and reduce any of the potentially harmful effects of your motivational orientation. Understanding the building blocks of your motivational system and the ways in which they can work better for you is essential, not optional.

The simpler you can create pathways to influence what energizes, orients and directs you to behave in certain ways, the better you can arrange things to make your actions more useful. What matters most is to get started by understanding (sufficient awareness and no more) how your motivational system works—getting a sense of influence and mastery. Few of us have any systematic way of doing just that. When understanding your own personal IMO, “focus on what directly leads you to take action.” You won’t make yourself more effective by copying other people’s motives; you must first start with your own motivational nature and what serves you best and then make it automatic.

The main actors in why we do certain things and not others are your motivational orientation and your environment. Your motivational system lies at the heart of your behavior (what we do or not do) because you are in a better position to influence your behavior than to change your environment. Your unique Integrated Motivational Orientation (IMO) is the central concept of importance to you in this report.


Talent Development

Jennifer Voitlein: What’s New with Core Assessments & Certifications?

05:00 PM 05:30 PM Room C

Each of us is the composite of core styles. A core style is one of the lynchpin aspects of your identity and helps predict performance tendencies at work and in life. Each of the validated Core Assessments measures these core styles qualitatively and/or quantitatively. In this session you’ll learn more about each of the Core Assessments and explore how they interact and support one another to present a comprehensive picture to create and influence self-awareness, growth and development.


Leadership Development

Ulrik Lork: Using the DISC Collaboration Report

05:00 PM 05:30 PM Rooms A & B

DuoCoaching combines the progressive methodology and tools used to coach work-pairs or people having Dual/Shared Leadership. The methodology and tools used to coach two people and the use of the DISC collaboration profile will be covered during the workshop.


Day 1 Recap and Closing

05:30 PM 06:00 PM Rooms A & B



Liberty Station Dine-Around

06:00 PM 09:00 PM Liberty Station

Dinner on your own or with other attendees at San Diego's world-famous Liberty Station


06:45 AM 08:00 AM Waterside Terrace

Leadership Development

Rich & Barbara Meiss: Sunrise Session- Biblical DISC™ Assessment

07:15 AM 07:45 AM Rooms A & B

Does your client base include ministries, congregations or churches?

If so, the Biblical DISC “Sunrise Session” is a must attend session!

Developed from over 30-years of research at a leading Seminary, Biblical DISC provides Christian organizations with their own uniquely insightful DISC report. Biblical DISC reveals the parallels between Biblical peoples, their DISC behavioral characteristics and how God used them (and can use you) to accomplish His purpose.

Attend our sunrise session and learn more about the Biblical DISC assessment!


Welcome and Announcements

08:00 AM 08:15 AM Rooms A & B

What’s up and coming attractions


Business Development

C. Lee Smith: New Opportunity for Executive Coaches from TeamKeeper

08:15 AM 08:45 AM Rooms A & B

Lee will unveil the new TeamKeeper Certified Consultant program. He will outline new opportunities for executive coaches and consultants to create residual, ongoing revenue and additional coaching opportunities through the TeamKeeper platform.


Talent Development

Will Pemble: DISC Assessments and the GIG Economy

08:15 AM 08:45 AM Room C

Employers, Managers and HR professionals face new challenges, realities and regulations associated with the fast-growing Gig Economy. 1) By 2020, almost one in five workers will be contingent workers. 2) Millennials, who represent the largest cohort in the workforce, believe that the idea of one career seems increasingly untenable. 3) 70 percent of all employers predict that most companies and organizations will move toward a more on-demand labor model. We will discuss how to evaluate, indoctrinate and integrate contingent workers and it all starts with DISC assessments.


Business Development

Ford Saeks: Your Digital Footprint Needs New Shoes

08:50 AM 09:50 AM Rooms A & B

Today’s consumers are engaging and interacting with their favorite businesses, both online and offline. This presentation will provide fresh insights and practical strategies you can use to enhance your local marketing appeal, increase your findability, and create a following of loyal customers who will act as advocates for your business. Prepare yourself to take advantage of these easy-to-use digital resources that you can use to improve your influence, impact and profits. Discover how, in less than an hour a week, you can leverage your website and position your company’s social footprint to increase visibility, improve your online reputation and help attract new clients. Get ready to take charge of your business growth steering wheel and change frustration to freedom.




09:55 AM 10:25 AM Rooms A & B Foyer

Networking and Snacks
Leadership Development

Brian Tracy: Maximize Your Potential-Double Your Income in 2018

10:30 AM 12:00 PM Rooms A & B

Learn how to set clear goals and priorities, get more done, make more money and have more time for yourself.
In this seminar with Brian Tracy you will learn:
1) Unlocking your Potential – How to increase your income and personal success rapidly;
2) The Seven Qualities of Top People – how to practice the qualities of the top 10% of the highest paid people in every field;
3) Seven Keys to Superior Performance – How to determine your special talents and abilities and become excellent at what you do;
4) The Seven Habits of Highly Productive People – How to practice the seven most important habits for success and achievement;
5) Achieve Balance – How to perform at your best by achieving balance between your work and personal life.
Brian Tracy has shared these practical techniques and skills with more than five million people in 75 countries.
Brian is a top business and personal success speaker. He has written 72 books, given 5,000 seminars to five million people, and addresses 250,000 people each year. He has been translated into 42 languages and has produced more than 1,000 audio and video learning programs.




12:05 PM 01:00 PM Waterside Terrace

Leadership Development

Gerhard Gschwandtner: The Mindset in the Age of Digital Transformation

01:05 PM 02:05 PM Rooms A & B

Gerhard Gschwandtner – the author of 16 books on selling, psychology, and sales management – talks about the two major change drivers that are transforming our world: technology and psychology. He will review what we've gained, what we've lost and how digital transformation will impact our future. Gerhard will also share the success factors that lead to a Peak Performance Mindset for winning in business and in life.


Leadership Development

Audrey Strong: The Top 5 Unbreakable Laws of Public Relations Every Leader Needs to Know

02:10 PM 02:40 PM Room C

Optics are a vital consideration for every leader and manager. In this session, Audrey will help executive coaches teach their clients how to avoid PR pitfalls and some of the best practices for reacting to publicly problematic situation, should it occur.


Business Development

Mark Snow: DISC Benchmarking Primer: Increasing Your Profit by Reducing Client Turnover

02:10 PM 02:40 PM Rooms A & B

Join this fast-paced 30-minute session on our updated Benchmarking Platform and learn how to exponentially increase the value of DISC results by creating scientifically sound, and legally defensible, pre-hire selection benchmarks. This fantastic FREE feature to your online platform will open new doors to new client opportunities, and expand your DISC expertise to new heights.




02:45 PM 03:15 PM Rooms A & B Foyer

Business Development

Doug Sandler: Podcasting and Your Personal Brand

03:20 PM 03:50 PM Rooms A & B

If you are looking to expand your brand and your bottom line, check out all of the advantages podcasting and new media have in store for you and your business. Podcasting is hot and if you want to share your message and be considered an expert in your industry, hop on the thought influencer bandwagon and take advantage of a distribution channel with potentially millions of ears. This educational and entertaining program takes a high level approach to what is required to get booked on podcasts to share your message and your services. Also included are the how-to’s of purchasing equipment, developing a strategy and action steps needed to get started today by being a guest on podcasts or by starting your own podcast.


Business Development

Matt Dickson & Jared Moore - How to Market & Sell Assessments

03:20 PM 03:50 PM Room C

Join Assessments 24x7 team members Matt Dickson and Mark Snow for the opportunity to pose your most pressing sales & marketing questions in an open forum. Got a long list of them? We have you covered. No question is too tough for this pair. Matt skewed conventional wisdom, "left a cushy corporate advertising gig" mid-career and accepted the challenge of building a more competitive Assessments 24x7 brand. In only his first 3-years as CMO (atop a sales & marketing department of one!), Matt's comprehensive re-branding initiative catapulted the company's monthly sales by over 400%. Mark joined the Assessments 24x7 team in early 2017 as the company's VP of Program Development. He's since spearheaded formation of their new train-the-trainer global network. After two decades as one of the assessment industry's best-networked professionals, Mark brings his fresh ideas and concepts to this fast-growing team.


Business Development
Leadership Development
Talent Development

Tony Alessandra: My Best Ideas and How to Use Them

03:55 PM 04:30 PM Rooms A & B


Awards and Thank Yous

04:30 PM 05:00 PM Rooms A & B